Coach’s Corner: Welcome Coach Craig to CFWS


Straight from Liverpool, England, Coach Craig is a welcome addition to our group of talented coaches. We rounded up a list of interview questions to welcome Craig to the CrossFit West Seattle family.

Who would have guessed Craig is such a JB fan!

Q: From your accent, we can tell you’re a Seattle transplant. How did you end up in Seattle?

I met my Mrs. (she’s from Eastern WA) backpacking through New Zealand when I lived there for 2 years, we kept in touch and she was lucky enough to keep me.

Q: How did you start your CrossFit journey?

I boxed when I was a kid. I did Thai boxing for 7 more years before moving to Australia (Adelaide) and couldn’t afford it there so I joined CrossFit Mode, CF athlete James Newbury’s box. My years there got me drinking the CF kook-aid and I quickly joined the cult.

Q: What’s the best part of CrossFit?

Lifting metal and getting jacked. Nothing beats a sweat session and falling to the floor.

Q: What’s your favorite CrossFit movement and food?

Movement – HSPU, cleans, Mus. Foods – Meat, any form of meat I’m in paradise, and sushi. Always up for sushi dates.

Q: What jams should we expect to be listening to when you coach?

I’ll come clean now if I haven’t already discreetly mentioned it but Bieber is a symphony to my ears. Hate me for this and I’m ok with that but get some Justin blurring and I’ll smash WOD’s and smash PR’s. JB4LIFE!

Q: Why are you excited to coach at CrossFit West Seattle?

Seeing someone listen to advice and seeing them get it. It’s great seeing the moment when it “clicks” and you can see you’ve just improved their game. Also I’m excited to get to know more CFWS folks.