CrossFit West Seattle is proud to employ some of the most experienced and talented CrossFit coaches in Seattle.
Our coaches are dedicated to keeping you safe, helping you achieve your goals and making sure you have fun!

Danielle Ullmann – Affiliate Owner and Head Coach

Danielle is a finance guru by day and the owner of this fine establishment/CrossFit coach/athlete by all other hours of the day…..well, she does sleep and have a tiny bit of a social life, and two adorable puggles who you will often see running around the gym.

She began doing CrossFit on her own in a global gym back in 2009 following the workouts of the day. She would spend her evenings googling the movements of the workout and if the global gym did not have the right equipment to complete the workout, she kept researching until she found the appropriate alternative. Everyday at the gym, people would give her the stink eye like this girl is crazy! So, Danielle joined the CrossFit community in November of 2010 and has been hooked ever since.

She became Level 1 certified in October 2011 and immediately began her coaching career following an intensive internship program at her local box. Her love and passion is helping fellow athletes grow and develop at the gym along side of herself. She is constantly challenging herself to become a better coach and athlete. Nothing has stopped her yet!!! Not only is she a CrossFitter but she has completed a couple half iron mans, qualified for the Boston Marathon, and you can find her back country skiing in the winter months. Just this past summer Danielle earned her Level 1 USAW Sports Performance Coach Cert.

Adam Moore – Head Coach

Adam has always loved being active and playing sports, though he never stood out athletically growing up. He found a passion for training when his hard work was rewarded in the Army, being named the Iron Soldier of his training company and receiving multiple commendations for outstanding achievement in physical fitness while enlisted.  From there he began to program for friends and family while also leading workouts for his Army unit.  Having transformed himself, empowering those around him to accomplish things with their body that they didn’t before think was possible became a new passion.

From there Adam‘s commitment to health and fitness has grown organically, from coaching Saturday morning classes at his first CrossFit gym to coaching 5 days a week in the morning before his “real job” to eventually coaching and programming full time.  You can find him Monday to Friday coaching and training at CrossFit West Seattle and on the weekends getting quality time with his wife, Andrea, and son, Remy.   

Andy Giron – Gym Manager and Assistant Head Coach

Andy has lived his life being active. Starting out his early years playing baseball and basketball, he soon found a love in soccer and played throughout high school and college. After his final years of soccer, boxing was the next adventure that Andy took and went on to have 10 amateur fights, and a love for the sweet science. But it wasn’t too far soon after that he began to experience yoga more regularly and the love in his heart overpowered his desire to hit people in their faces.

And thus came running. Andy had a wonderful time running getting many top 5 finishes in local Washington races, as well as a best, 19th place in the 2013 Seattle Half Marathon. This is where his crossfit story begins. Andy, not always knowing when to slow down, got injured during his training for his first Half, and began to see Dr. Karlie for some support. For 3 years, Dr. Karlie suggested that Andy try out crossfit, and for 3 years Andy said he’d think about it.

Finally, once Dr. Karlie began her own practice at Crossfit West Seattle, Andy thought he’d give it a try, and it was love at first WOD.


Karlie Steiner-Bailey – Coach and Sports Doc

Karlie joined Crossfit West Seattle after she built out her new sports chiropractic office; Fuel Spine and Sports Therapy, within CFWS. A West Seattle local for the past 2 years, it only made sense to become a part of the community and the neighborhood that she loves; and she’s not looking back!
As CrossFit West Seattle’s resident doc, she can often be found helping people with additional mobility work or corrective/rehab exercises before and after class. She is a junkie about proper movement patterns and her main goal is to help athletes continue with exercise and functional movement well into their golden years.
Karlie is L1 certified and has also taken the CrossFit Mobility course with Dr. Kelly Starett. She has a masters in sports medicine, a CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist-the highest certification of its kind) and is a CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician). In her free time, she enjoys playing beach volleyball and can often be found down on Alki in the summer months.



Chris Hewitt – Coach


CFWS very own story success story! With no clue what he was getting into, two years ago Chris signed up for the foundations program to find out what all the hype was about. After drinking copious amounts of Kool-Aid and fueled by a desire to expand on what his expert coaches had already taught him, he began the arduous process of cramming for and completing his Crossfit Level 1 certification.

Due to his own limited flexibility, Chris has a keen interest in mobility and scaling workouts to make sure any athlete can complete any WOD. If you seek fun, excitement and country music look no further!



Janice Watkins – Coach & Community Guru

Janice here, but I like to refer to myself as J-Nice or…. the CFWS social media queen! I came to CFWS because my most amazing friend talked me into moving to West Seattle and picked out an apartment for me – conveniently that apartment was right across the street from her gym! Though I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 7 years, I instantly fell in love with CFWS. The community can’t be beat! Because I love the members and the coaches so much, it was a natural move to the Queen of social media! I love getting to highlight members through pictures that capture their accomplishments and blood and sweat (no tears yet!) and the Member of the Month. We have the most incredible coaches which I enjoy highlighting through the Coaches Corner. Blogs are a secret passion of mine and I like the challenge of responding to member questions through various blog topics. So fun!

CFWS honestly makes me the best version of myself. I feel like I’m hanging with friends every day- friends that push me to go beyond old beliefs, and old restrictive stories about my abilities. Couple that with getting the inside scoop on such wonderful athletes and being able to share aspects of that with our community… I’m truly the luckiest social media queen out there.



Sabrina Johnson – Coach and Yoga Instructor

Sabrina grew up in love with soccer and believing that she would one day play for the United States Women’s National Team, but reality hit when she played soccer at a D2 college in South Dakota. As a reliable and fast defender, she proudly played 4 years, but grew tired of being in a competitive atmosphere upon graduation – so she found yoga. Her first year of grad school at Iowa State, Sabrina completed her 200 hour yoga certification and taught yoga on the side. She learned a lot about acceptance and listening to her body….but she was ready for something a little more intense again. Sabrina started CrossFit after an opportunity to teach yoga at the local box, CrossFit West Ames, presented itself – and she took it. And she loved it. CrossFit was exactly what she was missing in her life. It was at CFWA that she met Oz, who continues to inspire her to be better every day – in and out of the gym.
She spends her days architecting and her evenings at the gym, sometimes with her beloved fur baby, Freya. Sabrina fully believes in the “magic” of Crossfit. CrossFit is more than what happens within the gym walls – it’s about constantly pushing yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, not giving up, gaining confidence in yourself, and most importantly, encouraging your fellow athletes to be their best – and that is what she hopes to instill through coaching.

Craig Wilcox – Coach

Straight from Liverpool, England, Coach Craig is a welcome addition to our group of talented coaches. Coach Craig says the best part of coaching is seeing someone listen to advice and seeing them get it. It’s great seeing the moment when it “clicks” and you can see you’ve just improved their game.




Ruby and Ziggy – Coaches in puppy training

Ruby is the bossy coach in training. Ziggy is the more supportive of the two. You’ll catch them when Coach Danielle is crushing a hard workout.