CrossFit West Seattle is proud to employ some of the most experienced and talented CrossFit coaches in Seattle. Our coaches are dedicated to keeping you safe, helping you achieve your goals, and making sure you have fun!

Danielle Ullmann – Affiliate Owner and Head Coach

Danielle works for a software company by day as the company’s Controller and Head of Human Resources and is the owner of this fine establishment/CrossFit coach/athlete by all other hours of the day…..and somehow she does find time to sleep and have a social life, and three adorable pups who you will often see as assistant coaches of the gym!

She began doing CrossFit on her own in a global gym back in 2009 following the workouts of the day. Everyday at the gym, people would give her the stink eye as if to say, “This girl is crazy!”… So, Danielle joined the CrossFit community in November of 2010 and has been hooked ever since. Danielle’s passion for fitness does not stop at CrossFit; from running marathons, completing half Ironmans, and skiing, but most importantly; she is very passionate about helping people in their fitness journey inside and outside of the gym.

Danielle received her Level 1 CrossFit certification in October 2011 and immediately began her coaching career and diving into the love of CrossFit. Danielle received her L2 certification in the summer of 2016. 

Sabrina Johnson – Head Programmer and L2 CrossFit Coach,

Sabrina spends her days architecting and her evenings at the gym, sometimes with her beloved fur babies Freya & Floki. Sabrina fully believes in the “magic” of CrossFit. CrossFit is more than what happens within the walls of the gym – it’s about constantly pushing yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, not giving up, gaining confidence, and most importantly, encouraging fellow humans to be their best. Her passion is programming to create the fittest and most mentally tough members around and suffering alongside them.

With a background in collegiate soccer, Sabrina enjoys pushing her body, competing, and suffering with others. However, after getting a bit burnt out from 4 years of intense training, she decided to take a break from all things competitive and completed her 200 hour yoga certification. Yoga taught her acceptance, listening to your body, and slowing down – but it wasn’t long until she was looking for something new. Sabrina started CrossFit after an opportunity to teach yoga at a local box, CrossFit West Ames, presented itself, and she took it. And she fell in love.

Sean Lay – L2 CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Gymnastics Skills Coach

Coach Sean is passionate about fitness, especially Crossfit. It is a dream come true of his to be able to share his passions with like-minded individuals and help them reach their goals. He also enjoys creating workout programming specific to an individual’s goals and needs as this poses its own challenges and requires a level of creativity and flexibility. However, when everything comes together and the results come through, he really just loves it! Sean enjoys taking care of his fitness and bettering himself through all types of challenges!

Sean’s certifications include: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1); CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2); USAW Weightlifting Coach (USAW-L1); CrossFit Programming Course; OPEX Programming: Principles; OPEX Programming: Mixed Modal Athletes; OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP); and ISSA Nutrition Specialist.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys hiking, taking his dog, Minion, to the park, and spending time with friends–especially, working out with friends!

Owen Kanaga – CrossFit Coach

Owen is an L-1 Crossfit coach and enjoys fitness as it helps him manage stress and feel good physically, emotionally and socially with all the people he loves to see at the gym! He also really enjoys the challenge of working on mastering new skills and trying to get better.
As a coach, Owen wants to help people achieve their goals.  The gym is a super important place to him that helps him stay happy and health and he wants to be a part of helping to create that experience for others.  Owen has had the benefit of some great coaches and wants to try to pay that forward to others. Owen also enjoys coaching because although “I am NOT the world’s greatest (or even generally that good) Crossfit athlete, I feel it is important for members to be able to see themselves in their coach and recognize that we all have strengths and weaknesses and are all working toward something!”

Outside of Crossfit, Owen works as a healthcare consultant for Kaiser Permanente. He is also a dog-dad and amateur woodworker/handy man around the house. Owen’s favorite pastime?? Peeing outside…”There is nothing greater in life” – Coach Owen, 2020.

Craig Willcox – CrossFit Coach

After leaving university with his degree in criminal psychology, Coach Craig decided to travel the world and incidentally; found his love of Crossfit! While he was living in Queenstown, NZ, Craig took his first class and continued to do Crossfit at Games athlete James Newbury’s box, Crossfit Mode, after moving to Adelaide. Prior to Crossfit, Craig was a boxing and Muay Thai instructor in both Thailand and Austrailia.

Craig’s favorite part about coaching is the enjoyment people get out of working out and watching their strength and determination to power through challenging workouts. He gets fulfillment off seeing someone finally get their first muscle-up or PR a lift and watching that moment when it just “clicks” for them! In addition to having his Crossfit L-1 certification, Craig also has his advanced scuba diving license!

In his spare time, Craig loves traveling, finding abandoned places to explore, hanging out with his stripey dog, Leo, and is all about that SUP life out on Alki! You can bet that any time Craig is manning the playlist at the gym, you’ll be hearing the dulcet tones of Justin Bieber!

 Brittany Bowhall – CrossFit Coach

For Brittany, fitness has always been an integral part of her life. From starting soccer at the age of 7 and playing through her collegiate years, staying healthy through physical activity and staying mentally stimulated through competitiveness has been second nature. Hailing aaaall the way from upstate NY before making her way to Seattle, Brittany was introduced to CrossFit back in 2013 while leading her city’s chapter of Team RWB. A local box offered to host RWB for free for a Hero WOD and despite dying her way through Armistice, Brittany was hooked. She loved the feeling of community and competition that CrossFit brings together and she realized lifting heaving things makes her feel pretty badass!

As much as she loves lifting heavy shizzz herself, watching the look on others’ faces discover that they can lift heavy stuff too is priceless and rewarding. Moving 2600 miles away from all that she called home to a completely new city was scary, but Brittany found friends and community at CrossFit West Seattle—she hopes she might do the same for someone else as a coach!

In her time outside the gym, Brittany works for UW (go Dawgs!) as a victim advocate, helping students who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. As her job can be stressful from time to time, Brittany working out at the gym helps keep balance in her life. In her down time, Brittany enjoys convincing people to love cats through her two cat ambassadors (Burt and Ernie), wearing fancy hats, beach-combing, hiking, and taking in all the PNW has to offer!

Chris Hewitt – CrossFit Coach

CFWS very own story success story! With no clue what he was getting into, Chris signed up for the foundations program to find out what all the hype was about. After drinking copious amounts of Kool-Aid and fueled by a desire to expand on what his expert coaches had already taught him, he decided that coaching was the next step in his CrossFit journey.

Chris has his L-1 CrossFit certification and is one of our veteran OG coaches, having coached at CrossFit West Seattle for going on over six years! Chris has a keen interest in mobility and scaling workouts to make sure any athlete can complete any WOD. Chris’ favorite part of CrossFit is the gratification people get from a good CrossFit workout – if you seek fun, excitement and maybe even a little country music; look no further!

In his spare time outside of CrossFit, Chris enjoys skiing (and of course, apres-ski as well), mountain biking, and wrangling his wolverine-dog hybrid, Lumi.

Abby Felton – CrossFit Coach

Abby grew up swimming and distance running all through her younger days in Northeast Ohio. After dabbling in some triathlons, but not finding the community training she was looking for, Abby finally found community in CrossFit in 2015. She loves how the gym and the community make it fun to stay consistent and together help find new ways to continue to grow as an athlete.

Abby obtained her L1 CrossFit certification in 2022 due to wanting to help people find the joy and fun in moving their bodies and getting sweaty with her friends. Her favorite WODs are long grinders–give her “Murph” any day!

Outside of the gym, Abby spends time with her husband doing another one of her favorite fitness hobbies–biking! You can catch Abby almost any day cycling to work after coaching some of the AM classes. Abby also loves spending time indulging in the PNW outdoorsy-ness; skiing, camping, and hiking!

Karlie Causey – CrossFit Coach and Sports Doc

Karlie joined Crossfit West Seattle after she built out her new sports chiropractic office, Fuel Spine and Sports Therapy, within CFWS in 2014. Karlie has been coaching at CFWS ever since!

Although her clinic is now in SODO, she spends as much time at the gym as she can. As CrossFit West Seattle’s resident doc, she can often be found helping people with additional mobility work or corrective/rehab exercises before and after class. She is a junkie about proper movement patterns and her main goal is to help athletes continue with exercise and functional movement well into their golden years!

Karlie is CrossFit L-2 certified and has also taken the CrossFit Mobility course with Dr. Kelly Starett. She has her Masters’ in Sports Medicine, is a CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (the highest certification of its kind!), and is also a CCSP – Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. In her free time, Coach Karlie enjoys playing beach volleyball and can often be found down on Alki in the summer months!

Denise Griffith – Movement Systems Specalist and CFWS Coach

Denise Griffith is the owner of Revive Movement Physical Therapy & Performance, located inside of CrossFit West Seattle. Denise is passionate about helping people find their love of movement. Denise graduated from the University of Washington in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Nutritional Sciences. She then completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Washington University in St Louis in 2019. Denise is also currently one of our coaching interns and will be receiving her L-1 CrossFit Certification at the end of June 2022!

It was there that she was trained in the Movement System Impairments diagnoses and treatment approach, developed by Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, PT, PHD, FAPTA and associates. As a Movement System specialist, she utilizes movement analysis to evaluate patients and guide their treatment. She trains her patients to move efficiently to allow proper healing and to develop resiliency against further injury.

Denise enjoys helping weightlifting athletes rehabilitate injuries, and perform better. Denise also treats those with pelvic health conditions. She is trained through the American Physical Therapy Association of Pelvic Health. Her favorite workouts include CrossFit, barre, boxing, running and snowboarding. She spends her free time close to water, with her husband, friends and family.