CFWS: June Member of the Month… Angela Johnson!


It’s time to celebrate our CFWS June Member of the Month, Angela Johnson! If you’ve been to a Nooner class, you’ve likely run into this stunning athlete- ready to take on any workout challenge we are set to face in the daily WOD. Learn more about our very own Angela below, any guesses on the next career adventure? Bad mamajama international spy?
How long have you been doing CrossFit? Around 3 1/2 years…. consistently as a “nooner.” 
When did you join CFWS and what makes it special from other gyms you’ve worked out with in the past? I joined CFWS when we moved from Arizona to Seattle and it’s the first and only affiliated CrossFit gym I’ve belonged to. I love the routine, proximity to my house, and the people! 
Your favorite CrossFit movement or workout? Anything with handstands! 
And the one you hate? Wall balls. I’m slowly overcoming my mental block against wall balls after catching one to the head several years ago. 🙂
Dream vacation spot? Too many to mention! I love to travel and hope to keep exploring new parts of the world. 
When you’re not in the gym, we can find you…? Probably at my house. I work from home and we’re in the middle of a remodel, so I’m usually stuck there. 
Advice you would give to a new member or someone thinking about checking out CrossFit? You don’t have to PR every day. The fact that you show up is the biggest accomplishment and you will always leave feeling better than when you came in. Oh, and the soreness never goes away – you just learn to appreciate it. 
Something most people at the gym don’t know about you? I’m about to “retire” from corporate America and we are embarking on an international adventure. I’ll leave the teaser there … more updates to come in the next couple of months! 
Stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. Three things you’d want to have with you? I would want to bring my husband Heath because he’s super handy and would be able to build us shelter, find food, and help ensure survival. We watch the show “Naked and Afraid” and while those scenarios are my worst nightmare, he would love to do it, so I’ll let him handle the dirty work. I would also need to bring bug spray. 
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