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This month’s Coaches Corner brings you the one, the only…. Titus Faber! Computer programer by day, CrossFit coach, Spiderman, AND Dad/Husband of the year by night!

When did you start CrossFit? My first attempt at CrossFit was from my younger brother. He was visiting from out of town and was doing the very first online CrossFit Open and needed to do the workout, so we elected to do it in my garage and film it. The workout was a 10 minute AMRAP – 60 burpees, followed by 10 Cleans. I was so proud of getting through 55 burpee but also realized that my previous “workouts” were WAY too … easy. That was just over 5 years ago now (how time flies!)

What made you decide to be a coach? And when did you start coaching? When I get excited about something I learn everything I can about it – and then love to share it with EVERYONE! Fortunately I’m past the overly-enthusiastic-about-exercising stage of learning much of my CrossFit skills – but I still very much enjoy helping others move towards their fitness goals. I have been coaching for the past two years officially – and loving every minute of it.

Your favorite coaching success story? It’s the small successes that mean the most to me. A recent one was watching someone do a workout where they quietly strung together Toes-to-Bar during the workout. We had been working together on that for almost two months – starting with barely being able to do them as singles. When I walked up to them, they were so excited about doing multiple strung together that I couldn’t get out a word before they announced how cool it was. Seeing someone get more healthy, more fit, and in such a tangible way is awesome.

The theme song to your life? I think this one changes monthly 🙂 But right now, Underdog by Audio Adrenaline.

What do you love overall about being a CrossFit coach? Learning! I have never learned so much about myself and how much it matters to just get out of the way for other people as I have in coaching. This has been true of every leadership position I have done – but coaching involves so many people from so many walks of life that every time I coach I learn something. Heck, I even learn more about my own fitness as I watch what helps other peoples overcome some of the very same challenges I have faced in learning basic movements.

What was your very first job? And as a kiddo, what did you dream of being when you grew up? I delivered newspapers as my first job. Early mornings, a bike with a basket, and a delivery route of addresses … ah, the good old days!

What I dreamed of being though? Honestly … I never really figured that one out. The only “thing” I identified with was wanting to be a good husband and father – it was the most important gift my dad gave me, being there and knowing that someone who mattered cared about me that much. Outside of that, professions have always been a crime of opportunity more than a drive for something direct.

A goal you personally are working toward today? I want to get into the Masters Qualifier at 45-49 … a mere 5 years away!

Your favorite CrossFit workout or movements? Olympic movements are pretty cool – though I’m still a novice lifter in respect to competitive terms. I also really dig the gymnastics bar work – those have made me able to be “Spider Man” when playing with my kids on the playground.

Something most people don’t know about you? Or something that would surprise us? I am massively afraid of deep ocean water. The dark and unknown waters are the stuff of nightmares for me.

When you’re not coaching we can find you…? Hanging out with my wife and kids. Or working out. Or working (boring … I have a computer programming job by day!)

One meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Penang Curry with Pad Thai … so good.

Something you would tell a new member walking through the door, or someone curious about trying CrossFit? My number one rule in any workout … no injuries. This means you scale appropriately (but don’t make it easy!), and you take care to set goals that you can achieve over time – don’t try to perfect or force something your body isn’t ready for.

And … have fun! That means talking to the AMAZING community of people around you. The workout is usually the most fun when you can commiserate about the misery 🙂


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