CFWS: August Member of the Month – Zoe Burkland!


Our Member of the Month highlight is back and with one hecka special gal to celebrate. The newly married, Mrs. Zoe Burkland! Zoe is a humble yet incredible athlete that comes to the gym day after day to push herself, and support each of us. One of the biggest hearts in the gym, never hides from a challenge, and takes on everything life brings her with with intensity and integrity! Simply put, she’s amazing. Learn about Zoe’s upcoming burpee-off with Obama, her special hidden talent, and so much more below!

What made you come walking through the doors at CFWS? I first came to check out CFWS because I was sick of not working out consistently, and I was bored with the other things I’d tried. We had just moved to Admiral and I saw the gym on the corner and thought, why not?

How long have you been a member? I joined CFWS in 2015, working out off and on during my time finishing school. I started to come a lot more at the end of 2016, and you all have been stuck with me several days a week since.

What’s special about CFWS? And what keeps you coming in day after day? Like everyone says – the people. Each class time has its own feel, humor and characters (ahem, J-Nice, Whitegold, Alleycat) but the kindness and care is consistent with everyone. I’ve seen this gym transform from having a lack of connection between members and classes, into one big, happy, dysfunctional fitness family.

When you show up for the daily WOD, your fingers are crossed that it will include? Cleans, back squats or a chance to practice skills like HSPU or rope climbs. I also secretly love burpees, but don’t tell anyone.

Won’t include? Long distance running or dumbbell snatches. THE OPEN IS OVER, ADAM.

One person, dead or alive, you get to high five them! Who would it be and why? Obama, for fighting for marriage equality and equal rights. But mostly because I feel like he must have some great secret high-five handshake I need to know about (I would also see if I could get him to do death by burpees).

If you could have any super power, what would it be? To unlock any door or lock; this is in no way related to the number of times I’ve locked myself out of my vehicle.

Advice you would give to a new member just starting their CrossFit journey? Ask questions, ask for help, no one should make you feel stupid because you aren’t a gym veteran yet. We all started at the beginning, having no idea what any of the acronyms meant and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, and good lord, the soreness. All of us are here to cheer you on to meet any and all fitness goals you may have.

A fun fact most at the gym don’t know about you? I can name the first 25 elements of the periodic table in order from memory. Because that’s totally useful in everyday life?