August Member of the Month: Travis Wong *Weekly Edition*



Week two of our weekly Member of the Month edition highlights a 6am All-Star…. Travis Wong! Travis is as entertaining and dedicated as he is strong (and he’s very strong!). Check out his answers below and you’ll know  exactly what I mean – I think he’s on to something with the 2 day AMRAP for Coach Adam!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? About 8 months

What brought you to CFWS and what makes CFWS special? When my daughter was about 2 years old I realized she only has 2 speeds……Run and Stop. So I figured I need to find a place to train. I had never tried crossfit before but I really liked the idea of training for function so I contacted D$ and started foundations.

CFWS is a special place because of the people. It always feels like you’re working out with a team and not just by yourself. I’m normally a 6am guy and that crew has the perfect combination of competitiveness, encouragement and ridiculousness.

As a kiddo, what did you want to be when you grew up? Easy to answer….. a Ninja! Unfortunately, UW doesn’t offer a Bachelor’s degree in Ninja-ing. So I had to settle for building cool houses.

When you’re not in the gym, we can find you? Probably in my front yard playing with my daughter, rocking my newborn son or working on my endless honey-do list.

When this song comes on the stereo at the gym, you KNOW you’re going to own the workout! It seems like whenever late 90’s hip-hop comes on I get an extra boost. Busta Rhymes usually gets me going.

Your biggest CrossFit accomplishment? For me it’s more about the continued progress. Getting stronger and more fit every workout is what keeps me coming back and training.

And a goal you’re working on today? I’m trying to get to 250# bench, 300# squat and 350# deadlift. I’m really close but not quite there yet.

One meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Anything that comes off my smoker……. and whiskey.

The movement in the gym you love the most? Bench. Not because I particularly like bench but anytime it’s in a workout, I know Sean, Norm, Matt, Steve and Vinay will be there. With all those guys in the gym at once, we can barely start the warmup before everybody’s laughing.

And the movement you hope is never on the board? Burpees over the box. Burpees are hard enough. Why can’t it be burpees over the 1 lbs plates or burpees over the chalk line. Why Adam, WHY?

Stranded on an island, 3 items you’ve got to have? A row boat, a bottle of whiskey and Adam. I’m pretty sure I could just tell Adam that today’s WOD is a 2 day AMRAP on the row boat and we’d home in no time. The whiskey is for me. Got to have something to pass the time while he’s rowing.

A fun fact no one (or most) don’t know about you at CFWS? I’ve been married to or dating my wife for over half my life. We started dating when we were sophomores in high school.

Advice you would give to a new member or someone trying CrossFit for the first time? Listen to the coaches and put in the work. If you do, you have a chance at looking like the supreme physical specimen that is Sean Griffee!

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