April 2017 Member of the Month: Julissa Jones aka JJ!!


It’s time to honor our April Member of the Month… the one… the only… JJ! She is quiet, and down right deadly when it comes to strength and grit. A night owl of West Seattle, don’t miss her favorite spot- she’s right, the food is amazing! Anyone else do 75 burpees just because…? See? She’s a force!

What made you come walking through the doors at CFWS? It was the Google reviews, location and the vibe when I walked through the doors. Also I could go grocery shopping after a workout.

How long have you been a member? I have been a member since September 2015.

When you show up for the daily WOD, your fingers are crossed that it will include? I really like burpees,  snatches and rowing… when I am feeling like a homebody and want to hangout with my pups, me and my boyfriend do burpee competitions. (He always beats me to 50 by 4 or 5 but I ALWAYS beat him in amount. I reach my runners high at 75)

Won’t include? Thrusters, wall balls and jumping over something…. thrusters are the Diablo… I just think about how my butt will look after.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I actually never wanted to have job growing up as a kid, I enjoyed being a kid and living off my parents. But I when I first went to college I settled on being a biology/biochem major because I wanted to work in a makeup laboratory.

If you can have any super power, what would it be? Teleportation. I like to travel and I could be anywhere in a moments notice.

A place in the world you want to travel to? To the Maldives and stay in a hotel underwater.

A fun fact most at the gym don’t know about you? I actually met my doppelganger and we are bestfriends  I went to UT-Knoxville for few years and we met in the library pulling an all nighter.  She is half Puerto Rican like me, curly hair and has big hips. She is a beautiful human being and we actually still talk on a weekly basis.
Your favorite West Seattle spot we should all try? Itto’s for sure. I’m a regular there. Delicious food, Great drinks, Great service.
Advice you would give to a new member just starting their CrossFit journey? Just do it… you don’t know how strong you can become mentally or physically until you challenge yourself on a regular basis…when you first join crossfit there is anxiety and doubtfulness when you see the WOD, but that fades and there becomes a point when you get excited when you read the WOD.

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