A Year in Review – – So Long 2016!


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

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We are just days away from a new year!

As we approach this new year, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time reflecting on 2016 and thinking about how we can boldly step into 2017!

Many see life as a story- and you may be on the side of things were you think that story is already written, and everything is already destined to happen, but for today- lets think about the other side of that belief. Jan 1 is an empty page. Jan 2, another. Each day is an empty page that you get to write, each milestone a chapter. Many of us don’t like the idea of being our own author. Who will we hide behind? Who will be blame? Those are real fears, real to our core. But against all that is possible, they are microscopic compared to what we gain by leading our life, vs just living it.

What if… what if you showed up? You didn’t quit? What if you couldn’t fail? What would you set out to do?

What if you let yourself cross the finish line? What if you let yourself feel what it’s like to FINISH?

There are going to be roadblocks, of course. So let’s hear them. What is bound to get in your way? What happens every time to start out on this journey of a new goal? List them out. And for each of them, what’s a counter that you could put in place to keep yourself on track. If you’re going to spend time focusing on the roadblocks, you owe it to yourself to spend just as much time if not more focusing on the strategies to push through. Have those strategies ready to go so you don’t find yourself stuck and unable to blaze ahead.

If you put in 50% of the effort, you’re going to get no more than 50% of the outcome. And that’s if you’re lucky. So why short yourself? You are working far too hard to only get 50% of the outcome. As an example, you don’t show up at the gym day after day to put in 50% of the work, to be average. You show up to be an extraordinary version of yourself. Let. It. Happen.

So as you think about 2017, think forward to this time next year and ask yourself a few questions:
– What do you need to take with you from 2016, and what do you need to leave behind and let go of?
– What do you want more of in 2017?
– This time next year, what do you want to be celebrating?
– What are you willing to do differently in 2017 to get there?

There is no better community to work toward that best version of you- the one that aligns with and is truly authentic to your fullest potential than CFWS’s community. Lean in, let us all be a part of that journey. If you have specific fitness or nutrition goals, share them with your peers and coaches! Heck, share all your goals- chances are there is someone in the community on a similar path. And let’s face it, we are strongest TOGETHER!

We’ve got a few things in store in Jan to kick off this year right:
– weekly blogs to help set measurable goals and get a few small (but mighty) changes started.
– kick off to a 30 day wellness challenge *including a seminar with Coach Adam and Andrea!

Here’s to a super fly 2017 with the best chosen family around!

-Your CFWS Team

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